Medical Ethics Attorneys

Submitted on Thu, 07/20/2017

Medical ethics attorneys help health facility ethics committees navigate complex and urgent clinical situations in compliance with the law. Sholes & Miller has attorneys with substantial experience in matters related to bioethics and clinical ethics consultations. Megan Shedden is both an attorney and a medical ethicist. She has a master’s degree in bioethics from Albany Medical College. Robert Irving Miller has served on hospital and nursing home ethics committees over more than two decades. His prior experience as a registered nurse and hospital/nursing home administrator lets him look at complicated situations from the provider’s perspective, while explaining the applicable law. Melissa Dizon currently serves on a hospital ethics committee and sits on the Dutchess County Board of Health.  Her educational background includes graduate studies in public health from Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Population Health, as well as a concentration in health law from Albany Law School.  They and the other attorneys at Sholes & Miller all have strong familiarity with medical subjects, learned over many years of defending physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and other health professionals in alleged malpractice and professional disciplinary matters.

Link to AMA code of medical ethics.