Going To Court: Can I Do It Myself?

We have seen some rather terrible things happen to people when they have gone to court without at least consulting an attorney. Therefore, we always recommend that people at least speak with an attorney before deciding to proceed without one.

New York State does, however, have “do-it-yourself forms,” and computer programs that are designed to help people fill out certain legal papers without the assistance of an attorney. Through a program called Access to Justice, the New York State court system provides programs and advice for people who wish to fill out the following court forms:

  1. Small Estate Affidavit;
  2. 17-A Guardianship Petition;
  3. Name Change Petition;
  4. Support Modification Petition;
  5. Paternity Petition;
  6. Support Enforcement/Violation Petition.

The information and forms can be found at: www.nycourthelp.gov

This and our other blogs are not intended to be legal advice for any particular situation.

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