Appellate Practice

Appellate practice is a unique area of litigation. Appeals involve proceeding from the judgment of a trial court to an appellate court or from one appellate court to another appellate court. Appeals are important because it affords a litigant who is not satisfied with an outcome in court.

Through successful preparation of briefs and presentation of arguments, our law firm has earned a reputation for excellence in appellate practice. Our firm will guide you through the appeals process, making sure you understand exactly what to expect at every stage. For more information about our appellate practice, please contact our office.

Our appellate attorneys have the experience and qualifications that are necessary to effectively represent parties seeking reversal of an adverse ruling or protecting a favorable one. They have well-honed skills — clear and persuasive brief writing, expertise in oral advocacy, superior research abilities and knowledge of the highly technical procedural rules that are unique to appellate law, enabling them to work towards obtaining the best results possible for our clients.

If you think you may have reason to appeal, from a decision by a court, administrative agency (e.g. government department), or some other institution, such as a school or university, you must contact an attorney immediately. There are very short deadlines for filing appeals in most instances and an attorney can best advise you in that regard.
We provide appellate representation specifically tailored to our clients’ concerns in civil matters. Our appellate attorneys’ involvement throughout the life of the case is an integral part in obtaining the litigation success that our clients deserve and expect.
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