Sholes & Miller is a Qualified Member in Best’s Recommended Insurance Attorneys

August 3, 2021

Sholes & Miller PLLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law have qualified for a profile in Best’s Insurance Professional Resources. Sholes & Miller’s profile as a Qualified Member in Best’s Recommended Insurance Attorneys shows that they are client-recommended and verified by AM Best. This list showcases professionals with a history of client satisfaction and a proven track record in the insurance and claims industry.

AM Best is a global credit rating agency headquartered in New Jersey, specializing in the insurance industry. The company is the world’s first credit rating agency, in business and growing for over 120 years. AM Best has grown to be the largest credit rating agency in the world specializing in the insurance industry.

AM Best information services integrate credit ratings, commentary, research and analysis with insurance news, financial data and thought leadership to help consumers and professionals make more informed personal and business decisions. AM Best publishes a series of printed and online resources of insurance professionals and publications. The oldest and best known is Best’s Recommended Insurance Attorneys. Sholes & Miller is proud to be included on this list as a Qualified Member.

For the latest profile information, go to  Click here to see the Sholes & Miller profile.

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