Virtual Mentorship on Career Choices for Haldane Students

By Robert Irving Miller, June 2, 2020

Students from Haldane High School’s Aspire Internship Program enjoyed an online Zoom meeting that included Robert Irving Miller, founding partner of Sholes & Miller PLLC. This collaborative meeting was part of a three-week virtual mentoring program that was organized as a safe alternative to in-person student internships during this time of COVID-19 social distancing. The goal of the program is to encourage and advise students about how to achieve their professional dreams, specifically working towards their career goals. Mr. Miller focused on the fields of law and nursing, since he is an experienced attorney and also a registered nurse.

Melissa Seideman, Haldane High School Social Studies Teacher and Aspire Internship Coordinator hosted the Zoom meeting on June 4th, which included 45 seniors and juniors. Mr. Douglas Cunningham, editor and publisher of The Putnam County News and Recorder, joined them as an additional mentor. Students posted their questions on Zoom using the chat feature. The panelists found the students to be enthusiastic and serious about choosing careers paths in which they hope to enjoy and find success.

The students picked up tips on preparing for interviews, with the specific advice of coming prepared with questions to interview the prospective employer. Impressions made on the students included instilling the confidence to fulfill their dreams by following their interests to achieve success, and the idea that it is feasible to change careers, or have more than one career.

Reflecting on the meeting, Mr. Miller recalls some of the best advice that he was given while considering expanding his career path. He was told, “If there is something you want to do, do it.” Mr. Miller shared his story of how this simple but effective advice inspired him to start his journey towards becoming a lawyer.

This virtual meeting of the minds followed the theme of Haldane High School’s vision of a community of learners working to become self-directed, creative and adaptive problem solvers.

Robert Irving Miller, R.N., M.S., J.D. is a registered nurse and attorney in the Hudson Valley who has worked in ERs and ICUs, taught community health courses and served on a county board of health.

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