Supreme Court, Orange County

The plaintiff, who was complaining of chest pain, went to the office of her physician, who performed an EKG and diagnosed her with an acute myocardial infarction. The plaintiff then drove herself to the hospital, where the defendant cardiologist administered thrombolytics which successfully restored coronary blood flow. The plaintiff was transferred to the ICU, where she complained of a frontal headache that resolved after she received Tylenol. She experienced a hemorrhagic stroke about twelve hours later. As a result of the stroke she sustained permanent mental and physical injuries. The plaintiff contended that the defendant negligently administered thrombolytics and failed to appreciate that a frontal headache that caused significant pain was a sign of an intracerebral bleed. The defense contended that the headache responded well to Tylenol and that thrombolytics were indicated in order to treat the myocardial infarction.

Result : Defense verdict for the cardiologist.
Defense Attorney : For the cardiologist: Sarah E. Sholes.
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